My Cartoons

In my spare time, which I have little of, I like to dabble in cartooning. My interest in cartooning started at my place of employment. A few of my fellow co-workers found out I could draw a little and asked me to draw something poking fun at some of the other co-workers. I tried to draw them tastefully and so not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Surprisingly, it went over quite well. As it turns out, I think the co-workers being poked fun at were kinda honored that they were the subject in one of my drawings. It was all in good fun, Enjoy.

W. Fidler


This is a cartoon I drew of fellow co-worker whose nick-name was Rogilla. He got a good laugh from this picture



Here is a cartoon of one of my co-workers. He was bragging one day on how many flies he killed each day.
Of course this warranted a cartoon. It is avery good likness if I do say so myself

"Fly Killer"


Here are a few of a character I came up with named "Max."

"This is Max" Chubby Fingers Insignifican Other Fallen Peas Hey You Older and Wiser Pull My Finger 2 Hour Break